Friday, October 23, 2015

With Schools, For Schools

Hey there, and welcome to the School Shaped blog! Consider this our open invitation to you come join us on our adventure as we work to bring better edtech to schools everywhere.

We are a team of engineers, designers, and educators, passionate about addressing a crucial need that we see in the edtech space today. The National Education Policy Center describes the opportunity as a need for “more partnerships among developers, educational researchers, and teachers.” We need to increase communication and collaboration between the creators and users of edtech to make more empathetic products.

Our answer is School Shaped. We incubate teams of engineers and designers as they design, build, and distribute better edtech as partners in K12 school communities. School Shaped helps each team grow while they work with students, teachers, and staff to create apps that meet the needs of the community they are immersed in.

We call it a community and not a partnership because we don’t want to put the school and the Build Team on opposite sides of a contract. Every stakeholder is considered an equal, and everyone benefits. The school receives practical benefits from the new software, as well as the empowering experience of codesigning their own tools. In turn, each Build Team becomes an experienced design and software engineering team, ready to pursue any of their ideas as a startup. We want each of these teams to leave well-informed and eager to continue building upon the software they have created when their year is up.

We’re excited, but we’re just getting started. We’re busy setting up pilots, meeting allies in the education world, and forging partnerships of every type. We’re paving the way to make School Shaped a success and make a real difference to the schools that desperately need proven, intuitive edtech.

This blog is where we will share our learnings around creating School Shaped and discuss our findings in education, technology, and design. We welcome your thoughts and input – let’s build a community around improving education technology! Feel free to comment or reach out to

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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